Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you suffer from anxiety?  What is Anxiety?
Anxiety is when you feel uneasy, very worried or fearful of something which normally you shouldn’t. This feeling can vary from very mild to hugely severe and you should consult a doctor before starting any medication.

Everyone will feel anxiety at some point in their lives which is normal and should not be confused with having a problem that needs treatment, for example, if you have exams or something very important to you ahead, feeling anxious is totally normal.
But if you feel constantly anxious then this can affect everything you do, and help is available in a variety of medication from
Anxiety in some cases is classed as a mental health problem and can be a life long problem for some people, so it is advisable to seek medical advise if you feel you suffer from any of the below symptoms:
1.       You feel anxious for very long bouts
2.       Your worries are becoming so distressing and can’t be controlled
3.       You are having panic attacks frequently
4.       You find everyday tasks impossible to do
5.       You find that you must avoid people because of feeling anxious
Diazepam also known as Valium is the most commonly prescribed drug for anxiety, but other medication is also available depending on the severity of your problem.  
Nitrazepam and Lorazepam are also very effective for anxiety and are good alternatives to diazepam.

Sleeping Pills

If you are having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep then you have the symptoms
of Insomnia. Depending on what’s causing your problems with sleep, will help decide
the best treatment to for you.
One third of the UK population which is over 22 million people, suffer from Insomnia at
some point during their adult life and understanding the possible cause of this will help
you get the correct treatment.
We always suggest either behaviour changes such as no caffeine or sugar many hours
before bedtime, cognitive behavioural therapy is also a very effective remedy for a lot of
people but exercising regularly and keeping stress to a minimum would be our best
recommendation before trying sleeping pills.
If nothing else works or just need to get your body clock back to normal quickly then we
would suggest the following medication which is available without a prescription at Zopiclone 7.5mg

 is the most popular medication as its quick and lasting effects will send you to sleep quickly and for the whole night. We only recommend a 14-day treatment at any one time because your body will get used to them making them ineffective and risking becoming dependant and start feeling withdrawal symptoms. If your insomnia is mild and you don’t feel the need for such a strong sleeping pill than
we would suggest Diazepam 10mg
or Zolpidem Tartrate 10mg as they will relax your mind and body helping you ease into sleep much quicker. If your sleeping problems are due to anxiety, we would suggest Lorazepam 2mg or
Nitrazepam 5mg
as these are also for treatment of anxiety disorders and will help you calm your central nervous system allowing you to relax.
We always recommend you seek a doctor’s advise before starting any new medication as certain medications may not be suitable for you and dosages may vary depending on
your individual case.

OUR STORY - Why we can be trusted

Visit, the only non-prescription UK online pharmacy that offers 100% UK medication brands you would get from your local chemist. We will never substitute your order for generic imports.
Please read our story below and then visit us at
Small Insite into why this website exists:
We are a few individuals that came together during a study of Online Pharmacies. Over time we heard such terrible stories of prescription drugs bought on the internet by UK customers, having the worst possible effects once taken or most commonly heard from people that had been ripped off with dud tablets and by the time they had sourced medication that worked, the condition they needed the medication for was intolerable and the most distressing part of getting conned.
The more cases we read from around the world resulting in death from unidentified tablets either bought on the internet or on the black market was astounding, this is when an idea was first hatched……….
We have studied both non-prescription and prescription online Pharmacies in the UK for the past three years and have seen a dramatic increase in people searching for medication to purchase without a prescription in all search engine traffic. But unfortunately, we have seen the dramatic rise in websites claiming to be a UK online pharmacy that supplies FDA approved UK medication and are a scam which has significantly increased the risk to UK customers health.
We tested every website that claimed to be a UK online pharmacy that offers to supply only branded medication without prescription. We purchased what was advertised as branded Diazepam and Zopiclone from each of them.
All the websites we ordered from sent us fake tablets from India or China except two, so we then reordered from these two sites again and received Chinese tablets from one and what we think to be eastern European from the other.
We did not risk anyone’s health by trying any of the medication we were sent, so I can’t categorically confirm if any of them worked, but the fact that we could not understand anything printed on the blister packs was confirmation that this was not the advertised branded medication we ordered.
To add insult to injury not one single website that advertised quick UK delivery achieved this, the quickest was 5 days from payment of the order and the rest ranged from 9 days to 3 weeks which if I have to be honest was the only thing that surprised me as I would have thought at least one website would actually make the effort of delivering the fake medication on time………..
Why Us?
We decided about a year ago that if we can’t do anything about this rising problem of fake bad foreign medication being sold to the UK public online we would try and beat them at there own game…. We had the tech to make a UK Online Pharmacy website easily enough, but what makes us unique is the contacts gained from our years studying pharmacies and medication
So now we finally have a non-prescription UK Online Pharmacy that really does deliver UK FDA approved medication exactly as advertised.
All our products are sourced directly from the branded manufacturer and will be the same medication that you would receive from the NHS on prescription in the UK.
We deliver from the UK to the UK, so as soon as your order payment confirmation has been received everything will be delivered to you within 48hrs.
We have also matched prices with the cheapest fake UK online pharmacy as we are a non-profit organisation and just want to stop you risking your life every time you order online from a non-prescription website. (any profits are given to drug rehabilitation charities)
Fake or even foreign so-called pharmacies tablets cost them between 5 and 10 pence to buy where as the same tablet bought directly from the branded manufacturer costs us approx. £1, depending on the amount we buy at any one time.
So, you will see we are giving you safe medication at the same cost as the cheapest UK non-prescription site that claims to deliver as advertised. So be safe and visit us

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